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I am a perpetual student, museum advocate, and critical observer currently living in Washington, D.C. My primary interests include the methodologies that museums use to engage their viewers, the role of technology as an interactive teaching tool, and the intersection between science and art museums. I believe in the practice of conscious curation that includes the viewer in its construction of narrative and that recognizes the power of the curator in the creation of meaning. I strongly believe that museums and other cultural spaces have an obligation be conscious of accessible, inclusive design and do their absolute best to create a safe, welcoming environment for everyone.

I received my Master's degree in Art History with an emphasis on Art Museum Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in December 2016. I have worked in a variety of art institutions and been involved with a number of exhibitions at the Milwaukee Art Museum, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and INOVA. I was the head curator and author of both the catalogue and exhibition text for the exhibition Meaning in Motion.

My art historical studies focus on contemporary art, specifically interactive, new media, andperformance art. I also have a background in nineteenth and twentieth century American painting, German expressionism, modern art, and Chinese contemporary art.